Date: 23rd July
Owner: archie4pip
Rating: 4*
Comments:Great prestige, competitions running regually. Maybe get a few more boxes to get the prestige up and allow more boarders to experience the company of your EC. To get the healthcare up try to find a vet (I know they are hard to come by) Well done for getting all the other employees though.
You have a good active forum and it seems very popular.

Keep up the good work

Rating: 4*
Good prestige for the time been opened.
Well done, you have 9boxes and only one is free. Competitions have got good earnings. Meadows are very clean.
Wel done for getting a vet even if it is yourself.
Try and get a groom and get your barrel comps running.
Active forum and very popular


Rating: 3*
Cool EC, i understand you are not emloying employees to raise money for your EC, but there are other ways to do that.
Add some pets to your boxes to get more boarders and more boarders means better prestige and move up in ranking.
Try to activate your comps for to earn money.
A great active forum any very popular. Great meadows.

Remember yo can make money by growing crops and selling

Thanks for letting me review your EC

Date:1st August
What can I say, looks like you are running a fab EC. Can't ive you much advice on how to improve. 5boxes left out of 29 thats cool. Well done on getting full staff this will encourage boarders to board with you.
Such a cool presentation-attracts boarders
Well done for getting 2 out of 4comps up and running.

keep up the good work

Date:1st August
What can i say? For an EC that was opened on the 19th July ours sure is a good one. First of all well done for getting 9boxes filled out of 11. Another well done for getting all staff. Good prestige. Maybe put a pet in a 1 or more boxes that will encourage people to board or current boarders to extend their stay.
Try to start at least one of your comps.

Thanks for letting me review